Pacha ibiza club

Pacha Ibiza, the most popular club in Ibiza

Founded in 1973, Pacha Ibiza has become one of the los most visited clubs in the world, and good proof of this are the leading international artists who have paraded around its stages. Located in the centre of Ibiza, Pacha has been the object of international promotion of the island’s nightlife, gaining a great reputation among tourists and residents. The club, in addition to being one of the main showcases of established electronic music artists, has also become a platform for emerging artists in the last decade, who in the future will lead the posters of the world’s most popular festivals.

A space aimed at the VIP public

pacha ibiza

Four decades of experience and excellent work in the nightlife sector has transformed Pacha Ibiza into a global brand, recognized in all corners of the world. So if you’re planning to spend your holidays on the island, Pacha Ibiza is a must-see club. In a space where mainstream and avant-garde music are mixed, Pacha’s concept has evolved into a club directed by an elegant and chic audience, which is why it is very common to find VIP personalities from public life, such as singers, actors, models, among others. For this reason, it is advisable to dress informally if you want to enter the venue, as the club takes care of its image down to the smallest detail.

The best DJs in the world and the most famous parties, together in the same club

Parties Ibiza

The marvellous shows that take place every day during the Ibizan summer cannot be understood without the best international artists in the electronic, pop and rock genres of today. To be part of this exclusive atmosphere costs between 40 and 60 euros or more, if it is an opening or closing party. In any case, there is no event in Pacha that leaves anyone indifferent, where lasers, LED screens, gogos and the usual pyrotechnics are never missing, to live a unique and unrepeatable experience.

Take a souvenir of Pacha with your official merchandising

Official Merchandising Pacha

Attending one of Pacha’s emblematic parties is an unforgettable memory for many. Therefore, in the same club you can find a Pacha Ibiza shop with all kinds of brand products, from t-shirts, caps and bags for the beach to all kinds of accessories such as pendants and bracelets. There is a wide variety of prices, so getting the perfect souvenir is not always synonymous with scratching your pocket a lot.